Kwun Tong Industrial Area


In the former industrial city of Hong Kong, a new generation of young artists looking for creative inspiration.The following describes some of the transformation of the arts for the old factory,Among them, Hong Kong experienced vigorous industrial development in the late 1950s,Subsequent changes in the industrial structure, as well as the future of creative development.Kwun Tong District is an excellent the city's Cenozoic gives new ruins to industrial sites.

Hong Kong skyscrapers constitute the world-famous skyline,However, walking in the downtown area of Hong Kong still can not help but applaud the hard-fought efforts of this city.How does Hong Kong become a pivotal and dynamic modern city?Its past bit of hard work worth exploring.Hong Kong has now developed into a service-oriented city.Formerly, here was Asia's thriving manufacturing town.Without rapid industrial development in the late 1950s, Hong Kong in the 21st century today will show a completely different picture.Today, in many remote areas of Hong Kong, we can still catch a glimpse of the industrial aspect of old days.

After World War II, the manufacturing industry in Hong Kong was developing rapidly. Part of the reason was that a large number of businessmen from mainland China poured into Hong Kong, rapidly boosting the vigorous development of manufacturing in Hong Kong.For more than 40 years since the 1950s, Hong Kong has been a manufacturing engine locomotive and produces a wide range of products, including textiles, apparel, shoes, plastics, and hardware, as well as various fields.By 1976, more than 40% of Hong Kong's population had been engaged in manufacturing, which also changed the face of Hong Kong.

Located to the east of Kowloon is a perfect example. In the mid-1970s, factory buildings mushroomed, and these seaside areas were rapidly developed due to local needs. However, Kwun Tong Riviera Gardens, formerly known as the Kwun Tong Public Cargo Working Area, is located next to the Bypass in Kwun Tong and is part of the Kai Tak development. With the opening of Kwun Tong Riviera Gardens (Phase II) on 27 May 2015, the overall area of Kwun Tong Riviera Gardens has increased to 4.13 hectares.

The park promenade length of about one kilometer. Visitors can enjoy the new East Kowloon landmark, the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal and the runway park, at a short distance from the trail. It also offers a glimpse of the glittering night view of Hong Kong Island East and panoramic views of Victoria Harbor and Lei Yue Mun.

The simulated crane tower in the park and the wastepaper bundle art design system from the wastepaper recycling industry can arouse people's memories of the old loading and unloading area.

In addition, the parkland features a spray water feature with special lighting and sound effects. After midnight, the beachfront trails and the distinctive towers and shades of light and shadow dance together with the water-filled mist and the vibrant colors of the trail lights. Visitors will enjoy the pleasing dreamy atmosphere. Local galleries will hold special exhibitions for the general public to visit. In recent years, even Hong Kong International Art Fair has held a number of activities in this transformed art district.